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Testing and Research For the future

Innovative Vehicle Testing Ltd. (IVT) is an engineering consulting firm based in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  IVT has been conducting testing and research for business and government agencies since 1990.  Tests include vehicle crash testing, dynamic performance testing and structural load testing.

Tel : 1 604 796 8766 e-mail:

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Who is IVT?

Mith over 20 years of vehicle testing, crash investigations and compliance work Innovative Vehicle Testing can help to support you in meeting your vehicle goals.

  • If you are someone wishing to import, or are a manufacturer planning on selling a vehicle fleet into the North American markets you will be required to meet all applicable CMVSS (Canadian) or FMVSS (United States of America) requirements. IVT can assist you in all aspects of your project, from the start through to the completion, and beyond. We have a very close working relationship with the federal and provincial bodies responsible for licensing in Canada.
  • If you wish to have your vehicle tested, whether it is for performance, fuel economy, handling, IVT can help set up a safe and professional testing program. Equipped with many forms of instrumentation and equipment, from accelerometers through data acquisition units to self driving systems IVT uses a mixture of high tech and common sense to get the job done to your satisfaction.


IVT has various facilities and equipment set up for testing, these include a working relashionship with the Hanna Test Centre (HTC) located just south of Hanna Alberta and a test lab in B.C. We have equipment necessary to comply with variuous standards including SAE J972 "Moving Rigid Barrier COllision Tests", SAE J850 "Fixed Rigid Barrier Collision Tests" as well as a vehicle rotisserie used to conduct static rollover tests for MVSS fuel system integrity testing. A movable multi seat belt load frame able to support a load of ? lbs


IVT has close ties, through its partners and sub contractors, to various countries throughout the world including England, People's Republic of China, Sweden, and has truly become a multinational company. If you are unsure where to go call us at 604 582 0542 and we can discuss your needs.